Medical Home

What is a Medical Home?

A Medical Home is an approach to providing comprehensive and high quality primary care. A Medical Home should be the following:

  • Accessible: Care is easy for the child and family to obtain, including geographic access and insurance accommodation.
  • Family-centered: The family is recognized and acknowledged as the primary caregiver and support for the child, ensuring that all medical decisions are made in true partnership with the family.
  • Continuous: The same primary care clinician cares for the child from infancy through young adulthood, providing assistance and support to transition to adult care.
  • Comprehensive: Preventive, primary, and specialty care are provided to the child and family.
  • Coordinated: A care plan is created in partnership with the family and communicated with all health care clinicians and necessary community agencies and organizations.
  • Compassionate: Genuine concern for the well-being of a child and family are emphasized and addressed.
  • Culturally Effective: The family and child’s culture, language, beliefs, and traditions are recognized, valued, and respected

A Medical Home is not a building or place; it extends beyond the walls of a clinical practice. A Medical Home builds partnerships with clinical specialists, families, and community resources. The Medical Home recognizes the family as a constant in a child’s life and emphasizes partnership between health care professionals and families.

Medical Home & Medical Home Plus

A Medical Home is a concept started and encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics but so far adopted by only a few practices. Medical Home is not only a place, the office where your provider practices, it is more importantly an attitude by which an entire office works together to identify, access, and coordinate the social, emotional, and medical needs of their patients. PAHP is fortunate to have the services of a free standing corporation, Medical Home Plus, a 5013 C non-profit organization, to facilitate and insure that PAHP consistently practices the concept of the Medical Home. Medical Home Plus is a leader in the United States in serving children and their families to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Questions about Medical Home or Medical Home Plus?

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