Waitlist.me is the host for this service, however, only PAHP staff has visibility of the information.
1) Arrive and park at the office your appointment is scheduled
2) From your mobile device, navigate to our website: pahpartners.com
3) Select the “Parking Lot Check In” at the top of the page and then select the appropriate office 
4) The Waitlist tab will open – confirm you have selected the correct office to check-in
5) Select “Join Waitlist”  
6) Enter the patient’s name and your mobile phone number 
7) You will receive a text on the mobile phone number entered acknowledging that you have checked in successfully
8) You will receive a second text when your examination room is ready with further instructions
9) If you do not receive a text reflecting you have successfully checked in, please repeat the process 
10) If you still did not receive a text confirming you have successfully checked in, please call us at 804-794-2821