Health Maintenance

Health Maintenance

Health Maintenance of Infants, Children and Adolescents

Our providers are trained to take care for children and youth of all ages, from birth through puberty and into young adulthood. All are experienced in well child care and pride themselves on providing not only good medical care but anticipatory care, developmental screening, patient and parent education.

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What is Well Child Care?

What to Expect at Your Child’s Well Appointment

A well-child visit is a chance to get regular updates about your child’s health and development. Your health care team will take measurements, conduct a head-to-toe examination, update immunizations, and offer you a chance to talk with your health care professional. Your well-child visit includes 4 specific activities: 

    • Determining whether your child has any health concerns 
    • Offering ways to keep your child from developing health concerns 
    • Providing support for your child’s overall health and well-being 
    • Talking through health information and offering advice 

By focusing on each activity, your health care professional offers you tools and information that you can use to support your child’s development.  

Select the appropriate age of your child’s next wellness appointment for information and important forms requested:

No forms to accompany vision, hearing chlamydia, fluoride varnish