Health Plan Participation


We accept the following health insurance plans:



Southern Health CareNet



Southern Health Insurance

Preferred Care of Richmond (PCR)



Children and adolescents often require the services of other specialists and subspecialists. Many insurance companies require our providers to make a referral to any specialist your child may need to see.

After you have made an appointment with a specialist that
participates with your insurance, you will want to check your identification
card or member booklet as to whether a referral number is needed for
the specialist visit. If your insurance company does indeed require a
written referral or referral number, please contact our office 48 hours
prior to your specialist appointment time.

The information you will want to have when you call:

  • Patient name (please spell last name)
  • Patient date of birth
  • Insurance company name and identification number
  • Specialist name (please spell last name)
  • Specialist phone/fax number
  • Diagnosis (reason for specialist visit)
  • Appointment date and time

This process will prevent any failure of an insurance company to provide the benefit and the payment for the specialist visit.