Lactation Consulting

Lactation Consulting

Tracie Abrams, BSN, IBCLC


My name is Tracie Abrams. I am a registered nurse and lactation consultant. I graduated with a nursing degree from Radford University in 2001. I have always had a passion for pediatrics. My career started in a pediatric intensive care unit. During that time, I started a family of my own. My very own experience turned my focus and attention to women’s health and lactation and I have been working with women and infants ever since. It is such a pleasure to help women during such a beautiful and vulnerable time. And I have been through it, the good, the bad and the ugly. All four of my kids received breast milk, from me or a bottle. Each experience was so different from the next. It is such a testament to me, as is parenting, that each woman and child has their own story to tell. I love to be a part of that story and help mothers achieve their goal, no matter what that may look like. My focus is helping a mom and baby receive the experience that suits and works for them, while making sure each are as healthy and happy as they can be. The newborn time is a magical one, both brief and precious. I am so honored to be a part of it.

Most importantly, I am here to reassure a mom’s worry and concern for their baby as they are breastfeeding. There are many factors that determine the success and duration of a breastfeeding experience. I am committed to helping and encouraging parents through this time. I am convinced that all women who have the intention to breastfeed can do it with help. I understand the pressure a woman feels when they are starting this new journey of feeding their most precious gift.

MOMS, you are not alone and you have my support and love!

~ Tracie

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