Nature-deficit disorder is the idea that we experience negative mental and physical health effects when we spend too little time outdoors. While nature-deficit disorder is not recognized as a medical or mental disorder, it describes a very real problem. Kids seem to spend less time outside and more time looking at screens than ever before. As a result, they’re missing out on valuable opportunities for exercise, creative play, socialization, and learning.

To ensure your kids get all the benefits of spending time outside, integrate outdoor play into your daily life. Here are some great resources to help your family spend more time in nature!


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There are endless fun and educational things to do with your kids outdoors. So, the next time you find your children glued to their electronic devices, consider setting up a backyard play space, introducing them to an outdoor hobby, or learning a new sport. By spending more time outside as a family, you will all enjoy the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.