There are many factors that make supplementing a necessary and temporary means of feeding your baby. This does not mean that breastfeeding has failed or that you will not be able to successfully breastfeed your infant. This is an addition to your breastfeeding efforts and hard work.

Working together, we will make sure your baby receives nutritionally what he or she needs while providing you with the tools to feed your baby the way you have always wanted to.

To start, we recommend supplementing with your own milk first then formula if breast milk is not available.

To supplement with your own milk you will double pump your breasts for ten minutes after every breastfeeding session and give your baby the expressed milk. This may be more time consuming initially, but will only be temporary. When you are pumping, set the suction at a comfortable pumping pressure. Your goal is to stimulate let-down, not suck at the highest pressure.

*Some additional ways to keep your baby breastfeeding focused is to keep him or her skin to skin as much as possible and let them suckle whenever they want. This can protect and increase your milk supply.

Schedule an appointment with our lactation consultant who will help you establish a feeding plan. She can also help with sore nipples and latching difficulties.